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I just love Lamborghini in the game is so good even the lights make it looks much better. even when you’re driving the thing kind of pops up that cool so I don’t kill people five stars. Not the view from the driver’s seat but from above the vehicle, somewhat point of view.

Driving School SIM doesn’t have a speedy chase. As a substitute, the sport is a simulation recreation, serving to be taught to go in a brand new world. Gameplay primarily exploits the features of an actual automotive, and you may be the motive force.

Mountain Car Drive 2020 : Offroad Car Driving Suv 9 1

The graphics are not so good in day time(the car seems to be out of ground’s contact even with shadows ‘on’) but night time graphics are exceptional. It is good to see that water accumulation in rainy weather drives the car away out of control which makes sense. The only thing I request is to increase view distance in ultra graphics and improvement in day time graphics is quite important to make this game the best of all android simulators available. First the graphics are atrocious, they look like something out of 2003 or a PS1.

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  • I often choose the steering wheel because it feels like realistic driving a car in real life.
  • Driving school Sim 2020 will give you the feel of driving a real car.
  • i CONSTANTLY get penalized for driving past the kid and biciclyst specifically, for no apparent reason.
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What could be better than driving your favorite car, soaring on the track, ignoring your opponents, and enjoying the feeling of a winner? Coming to Driving School Sim, you not only enjoy this feeling but also learn more driving skills to become a good driver. Try to drive through snowy or deserted terrain, race through cities, or test your strength in the mountains. Play alone or invite your friends and compete on the roads! Climb the career ladder, practice in training modes, win a race and take part in exciting events. Famous cities, mountain roads, the desert, icy and snowy streets, etc … Many places for you to visit and travel.

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Also when you buy the exhaust upgrade for £7,500 it has no effect and is a waste of money can this be changed. The game deserves 5 star but there is a slight issue for getting only 4 stars. I dont know why thee game Crashes in the Paris Location in both Free mode and Carrer mode. I play on the recently released Samsung M11 smartphone with 3 GB RAM. But still the game crashes everytime.

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